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Please support our COVID 19 Community Transition Guide!

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Coming home to the community after decades in prison has always been challenging, but the current pandemic adds an astronomical challenge. You can help us mitigate the impact of this challenge through your generous contribution. 


Will you support the successful transition of two people from prison to the community with a $25 donation?

$25 will get the guide into the hands of 2 people who are waiting to come home, and who have little to no information about what they will be facing.


Our guide will inspire those behind bars with wisdom from those who have already walked through the gates of freedom. Only they can paint a picture of what it is like to make the transition from decades in prison to life in the free world.

For example, one of our alumni shares something vitally important that will help those coming out after him: "Having a good understanding that dealing with stressors while in there is completely different than out here. In prison, one doesn't experience life's totality, and how the cumulative effect of so many different things going on overlaps and encompasses all our senses simultaneously. In prison, we had the luxury of time and space that restricted our exposure (physical/psychological) to stressors, which provided us the liberty to compartmentalize our limited experiences and make efforts to address them accordingly. However, out here, that component/buffer/filter/safeguard that existed in there is gone."


Our guide will include wisdom and guidance from people who can genuinely help to prepare people for the outside world. It will also include practical information about getting an ID, securing health benefits, riding public transit, and how to be safe during COVID-19. These tools will do a great deal to prepare people emotionally and give people a jump start on the basics of their community transition.


Will you help inspire people behind prison gates?


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