Building a Bridge from Prison to the Community for men and women serving Life with the Possibility of Parole

Mission: We believe in  second chances. Everyone should have a fair shot at building a new life, with a job, a home, and full participation in the community. We are committed to supporting the successful transition from prison the community through advocacy, education, and service delivery.

Our model: We utilize a team approach to support a successful transition home. We listen to our clients, and build upon their strengths to develop the tools they need to realize their goals. Our holistic approach addresses the barriers to successful transition. These include complex trauma, addiction, difficulty obtaining housing and jobs, as well as coming to terms with the serious crime they have committed. Our ethnically diverse team includes, mental health clinicians, substance abuse counselors, and individuals who have formerly served a life sentence.

Vision:  We believe in the power of a new start. Everyone deserves the opportunity to build a successful life after returning to the community, to find satisfying work and a home, to learn and develop new skills, and to become active members in the community.




1)    We believe in the power of peer counseling. Our staff includes certified substance counselors who have also served life sentences. Participants have the opportunity to work with counselors who offer trained counseling skills as well as lived experience – a powerful combination.


2)    We believe that those who have paroled after serving ‘life with the possibility of parole’ merit specialized services to meet their unique needs, from learning to use a smartphone or taking public transportation to shopping at a grocery store.


3)    We utilize a holistic, individualized, trauma-informed approach that builds on each person’s strengths and empowers them to develop the skills they need to create a successful life.


4)    We advocate for full inclusion in the community for individuals who have been convicted of crimes in the past. This includes housing and job search support, as well as advocacy in the wider community.


5)    We believe in empowering returning citizens to become involved in issues that concern them and to voice their opinions in shaping community policies.