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We provide advocacy, education, and re-entry services. Marlin, program alumni, began his community transition in 2017. He exemplifies the men we serve.  He started like all of our participants working hard to get a California ID after being released without any ID.  He is now a Program Manager at Rising Sun Energy living with his partner in a lovely home in Hayward.  Marlin represented Our Road as a trainer for Five Keys Charter School and Programs. We trained their staff to provide more effective services to young men who had recently been sentenced to life. He and current Our Road participants used their lived experience to better prepare case managers to provide services in San Francisco and other jails.



Making a Difference

We are committed to education and advocacy.  Our approach is practical and based on current policy trends with our day to day work with men that we serve.   who have People who have served decades in prison have a depth of understanding of the criminal justice system that policy experts do not have. Also, they uniquely understand the best strategies to provide re-entry services.  
Our Road uses participants wisdom, obstacles to transition and lessons learned to provide education and advocacy.




Building a life

Healthy relationships are the foundation that new lives are built on.

Less than 1% of those paroled from sentences of "life with the possibility of parole" return to prison.

Many re-entry programs focus on recidivism. Our work is to build upon the strengths of program participants as they build a foundation for a successful life in the community.  Strengthening family relationships, earning a living and making the most of each day in the free world are the values that drive many of the men who attend our program.



Making good choices

We encourage healthy eating, meditation, tapping, self-care, sleep, and a balanced lifestyle.

We have seen a steady increase in people being found suitable for parole by the Board of Parole terms.

Over 22% of those who have parole hearings are found suitable. The numbers continue to rise increasing the need for community based re-entry services.

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Making a Difference

We provide education,  advocacy and community building.  Participants have opportunities to use their expertise to train service providers, attorneys, employers, family members, and others in the field on the prison system, re-entry needs, and early intervention strategies to avoid incarceration.

Marlin's story: Programs
Marlin's story: Programs
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