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The COVID-19 Community Transition Guide

At Our Road Prison Project, we work to support people inside by helping them prepare for their transition to the community. The COVID-19 Community Transition Guide that we are developing will be sent to those who are six months from transitioning home. It will include practical information and inspiring stories from those who have come home and who have successfully transitioned.


Will you support our project?


Our guide will:


  • Let people know that we care and are waiting to welcome them home.

  • Offer inspirational stories from those who have already transitioned, instilling hope for a life in the community with a job, school, home, and loving relationships.

  • Provide practical action steps they can take while in prison to "jumpstart" their transition so it will be easier to get services and start working once they are home.


Please join us in supporting those who are behind bars during the pandemic. Let's work together to welcome them home.

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting each of us differently. Many of us are feeling anxious, isolated, and missing all the activities we took for granted. Some of us are counting our blessings that we are not living through the pandemic in prison.


Imagine experiencing the pandemic in prison.

The California Department of Corrections has taken steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including:


  • Temporarily canceling family visits, which means that people have not seen their families for over seven months.

  •  Reducing or temporarily canceling vital programming, including substance abuse services, education, self-help groups, and other rehabilitative programs.

  • Limiting the movement of people outside of their cells and dormitories, increasing their sense of isolation.


Imagine being cut off from your family and all of the activities you engaged in before COVID-19. This can make people’s transition from prison into the community even more challenging.

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