Join us!

We are looking for organizational partners for our New Laws: New Opportunities Community Educational Workshop at Oakland City Hall.


We would like you to partner with Our Road Prison Project for the New Laws: New Opportunity Educational Community Workshop! Partners are making a commitment to promote turnout while sponsors are making a financial commitment.

We invite you to be a partner for our community workshop on New Laws: New Opportunities.  The workshop will educate and empower those who are involved in the criminal justice system, their families, service providers and advocates.  Together we can make these opportunities a reality.

Our partners will make the event more successful by increasing turnout of community members.  There are a variety of effective strategies to encourage community members to attend the event and have the opportunity to learn about the New Laws and Opportunities they provide.

Partners will be listed in our promotional materials including our postcard, flyers, website, Facebook posts, and material on the day of the event.  We will be finalizing our event postcard on April 2nd, so we will need your commitment and a JPEG logo to include on our postcard, by March 31st.

  • Including the event in your newsletters (paper or enews)

  • Announcements to clients or residents at meetings

    • We will provide postcards and downloadable flyers to hand out at meetings.

  • Posting the event on social media (Your Facebook page, twitter, etc.)

  • Including the event in your events section on your website.

  • Sharing the event with your partner organizations.

  • Organizing a group of staff, clients or residents to come to the event as a group.

  • Utilizing the event as a staff training for those who are working with individuals who are involved in the criminal justice system and may benefit from one or more of these opportunities.